How to login and find your school's VLE address

Login with your 1BestariNet ID and experience the
Frog VLE with these simple steps!
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The single sign-on 1BestariNet Yes ID that is given by each school’s Frog Admin allows access to the Frog Virtual Learning Environment (Frog VLE). All schools have unique URL to log in to.
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How does the Frog VLE enhance teaching and learning?
Under 1BestariNet, schools will be equipped with an integrated solution allowing teaching, learning, collaboration, and administrative functions to take place through the Frog VLE, which can be accessed in school and from anywhere else with an Internet connection.
Frog is simple, easy-to-use, and designed to take teaching to a whole new level. Assign and keep track of students’ work and marks, create own teaching resources, give feedback or follow-up on students’, and use forums to encourage students to discuss and share perspectives. Plan your time better with the calendar, which allows you to see, create, join or add events. Maximise time and start planning with the calendar, work and keep track of marks anytime, anywhere, personalise your home page, upload and save files on Frog, and communicate or share ideas with classmates and teachers through forums. Keep track of school events, PTA reports and school notices with the calendar and school notice board, find all the contact details you need on the Contact School page, and download permission forms and other important documents at your
Find your school’s VLE web address Cari VLE alamat web sekolah anda
Use the search below to find a school. First, narrow your search by selecting your state and district, and then enter the name of your school. You don’t have to enter the entire school name. To view the entire list of schools in your district, enter your state and district, and leave the name field blank. Gunakan carian di bawah untuk mencari sekolah. Pertama, pilih negeri dan daerah sekolah anda untuk memudahkan pencarian. Seterusnya, masukkan nama sekolah anda. Anda tidak perlu menaipkan nama penuh sekolah. Untuk mendapatkan senarai penuh sekolah-sekolah dari daerah yang sama, anda hanya perlu masukkan negeri dan daerah sahaja.
1. Select the state 1. Pilih negeri
2. Select the district 2. Pilih daerah
3. Enter the school name 3. Isikan nama sekolah