The Integrated Solution

Under 1BestariNet, schools will be equipped with an integrated solution allowing teaching, learning, collaboration, and administrative functions to take place through the Internet-based Virtual Learning Environment (Frog VLE), which can be accessed in school and from anywhere else with an Internet connection.
How the components of the solution work to deliver an integrated service:

In School: Access and Safety

Schools will be provided with Internet connectivity, enabling access to a world-class VLE which takes a progressive approach towards education by leveraging on Internet technology to enhance teaching and learning and streamline administrative procedures.Within the school, an in-built content filter provides a safe learning environment and ensures that students are unable to access inappropriate content through the Internet. Only educational websites approved by the MoE will be white-listed and allowed to pass through the content filter.

Beyond School: Flexibility and Mobility

The Frog VLE is a cloud-based platform, which provides for flexibility and mobility beyond schools. Files and data saved on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection. Additionally, users will have free-of-charge access to the VLE when logged in to the Yes network with the VLE login ID. Whether you are on the Yes network or a Yes hotspot, you will not be charged for any data usage while using the VLE.