We are equipping all state schools with high-speed 4G mobile Internet and a proven cloud-based learning platform
We believe every child should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a technology-driven world
Our cloud-based learning solution enables teaching and learning to happen anytime, anywhere
The Ministry of Education is partnering with YTL Communications to equip schools with next-generation technology

Welcome to 1BestariNet

For the first time, high-speed 4G mobile Internet and a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will be made available in all schools nationwide.

For the first time, every child in Malaysia will have access to world-standard learning tools.

An excellent education should be the right of every child. Now it can be.

Transforming Education

Every individual should have access to quality education and the technology that is rapidly shaping today’s world. This is why we are making connectivity and a world-class, Internet-enabled learning solution available to all schools nationwide.

Integrated Learning Solution

The Malaysian Ministry of Education is partnering with YTL Communications to deliver high-speed wireless 4G Internet together with the proven Frog Virtual Learning Environment to all Malaysian schools.

All 10,000 Schools Nationwide

Our integrated solution will be rolled out to every state school in Malaysia, which means we’ll be coming to your school soon. Find out when we’re reaching your school.

Equipping The Future Generation

In line with the Malaysian government’s objectives of growing human capital and increasing the rate of Internet penetration, 1BestariNet leverages on technology to drive improvements in education and equip students with the skills that are needed in today’s world.